Human Rights For Business

Human rights are basic rights and freedoms that protect all people equally. They are based on dignity, fairness and respect. 

Businesses have a responsibility to respect human rights in their operations. This includes workforce, supply chain, products and services. 

"The responsibility to respect human rights is a global standard of expected conduct for all business enterprises wherever they operate...[It] exists over and above compliance with national laws and regulations protecting human rights." (UN Human Rights Council)

There is increasing global onvergence to the implementation of human rights in business. Embedding human rights into a companies business practice makes good business sense. 

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Directors duties - modern slavery

New Zealand directors of company boards have specific responsibility for signing off modern slavery statements. It is estimated 500 NZ companies have to report to the Commonwealth Modern Slavery ActRead more

UN World Day against Trafficking in Persons

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Slavery conviction - New Zealand

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POSTPONED - Accountability in NZ supply chains

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, this event is postponed.  We will be in touch regarding a future date as soon as possible.Read more

Accountability for Modern Slavery in New Zealand Supply Chains

Business and Human Rights Consultants is pleased to be sponsoring this event. If you are a NZ company that is unsure whether you need to report to the Australian Modern Slavery Act or want to knowRead more

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Are Kiwis buying slave-picked tinned tomatoes?

Read the original article here Rebekah Armstrong was until recently advisory and research manager at the NZ Human Rights Commission and chair of the Human Trafficking Research Coalition. Now she'sRead more

What the Australian Modern Slavery Act will mean for big Kiwi businesses

Australia has a Modern Slavery Act. It comes into effect 1 January 2019 and places legal requirements on companies earning more than A$100 million ($104.7m) per annum to publicly report on modern Read more