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Rebekah Armstrong


Rebekah is an experienced human rights practitioner with 12 years experience specialising in human rights and humanitarian law. She specialises as a business and human rights consultant for New Zealand companies and currently works as the Head of Advocacy and Justice for World Vision, leading a project on supply chain due diligence legislation for New Zealand. 

Working as a solicitor in New Zealand as well as holding international positions in Uganda, Cambodia and with the United Nations in Iran, Rebekah has had a varied career specialising in law and policy.

At the Human Rights Commission in New Zealand, she led the Commission’s Business and Human Rights programme and stakeholder engagement strategy. She also managedthe Advisory and Research team comprising of  ten human rights specialists working across human rights in New Zealand. Rebekah led the Commission's report to CEDAW, the four-yearly examination of women's rights at the United Nations in 2018. 

Rebekah founded The PrĂ©scha Initiative - one of New Zealand's most long-standing anti-trafficking organisations while at University. Rebekah is Chair of the Human Trafficking Research Coalition, responsible for publishing the first research on worker exploitation in New Zealand. She is an advisory member for the Centre for Research on Modern Slavery. Her Masters in Public International Law thesis focussed on an assessment of human trafficking law in New Zealand and recommendations to improve this. 

Rebekah specialises in human rights due diligence and modern slavery reporting for New Zealand companies. 

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