What we do

We are an Auckland based consultancy specialising in human rights. We are passionate about the immense impact business can have in addressing today's human rights issues. We work with New Zealand companies, specific industries and have a real emphasis on labour rights within supply chains. We provide sound and practical advice, enjoy collaboration and give companies the tools they need to lead effectively in their responsibility to respect human rights across their business. 

Human Rights

Human Rights Policy

We assist companies to implement human rights policy statements and identify human rights risks across business practice in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We support companies to design and implement effective mechanisms for identifying, monitoring and mitigating human rights risks including access to grievance mechanisms.

Human Rights Reporting

We support companies to report on human rights policies and processes as part of annual reports, sustainability reports or general human rights reporting. We ensure reporting is aligned with the sustainable development goals and other benchmarks.  

Human Rights Workshops

We lead workshops for companies on human rights. This can cover what some of the salient human rights risks are for New Zealand companies but also include how to engage with United Nations treaty bodies.

Stakeholder Engagement

We assist companies to meaningfully engage with their stakeholders regarding human rights and supply chain. We support companies to ensure that workers voice is implemented into the formation of policies and the monitoring of human rights. We assist in the creation or improvement of complaints mechanisms where stakeholders easily can raise grievances and have them remedied. 

Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery Act reporting

We provide New Zealand companies with advice based on legal obligations under the Australian Modern Slavery Act. We assist companies to map out their supply chain, identify risk and design and implement an effective modern slavery risk management system. We help capacity build regarding modern slavery across your business with internal and external stakeholders. We support companies to prepare modern slavery statements in line with legislative requirements. It is estimated that 500-1000 New Zealand Companies will be required to report to the Australian Modern Slavery Act in 2020. 

Modern Slavery Risk Management

We assist companies to implement policies that assist in identifying labour rights issues in supply chain including a supplier code of conduct, supply chain mapping, risk assessments and a comprehensive management plan for when/if labour rights issues are identified in accordance with New Zealand law. 

Do I need to report to the Australian Modern Slavery Act as a NZ entity?

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