What people are saying

Craig Whitcombe - Product Director, Ethical Voice

I have worked with Rebekah over the last six months and have to say it’s a been a pleasure! Rebekah’s knowledge of human rights and understanding of domestic and international law has given me enormous confidence in the work she has done for us. Her contribution of strategic ideas to the development of our new product relating to workers voice and stakeholder engagement has been tremendously valuable. 

Sustainability Manager, FMCG business

Rebekah supported our business through its first human rights impact assessment by providing local insights, co-facilitating staff workshops and liaising with our external stakeholders. Her knowledge of NZ’s unique human rights issues and considered approach meant that we could confidently assess our own business risk and ensure we were capturing a full range of perspectives. We look forward to working with her in the future as we build on our programme. 

Dr Jackie Blue MNZM - Former Equal Opportunities Commissioner

As the former Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner at the Human Rights Commission, I worked closely with Rebekah for four years. With her huge capacity for quality work, she was given increasing responsibility, leading many of the Commissions strategic priorities as well as the Commission's largest team. Commissioners and staff relied on her wise counsel and analytical and strategic skills. She is a real leader in the business and human rights arena for New Zealand.

Don Lord - Executive Director Hagar NZ

Rebekah was a key person involved in the Human Trafficking Research Coalition which is where I was able to appreciate her human rights expertise, strategic leadership skills and knowledge of modern slavery and worker exploitation. I highly value and recommend Rebekah as a true professional in the Human Rights arena. She has many strengths and skills and great attention to detail. 

Dr Christina Stringer - University of Auckland Business School

I have known Rebekah since 2015 when I undertook research on behalf of the Human Trafficking Research Coalition into worker exploitation in New Zealand. Rebekah is the Chair of the Coalition. Since the completion of this research project, I have worked with Rebekah on several initiatives. Rebekah has a in depth knowledge and understanding of human rights issues and in particular modern slavery and worker exploitation.  She thinks strategically, has the ability to think ‘outside of the box’, is not afraid to question, and has a keen eye for detail. It has been my pleasure to work with Rebekah and I look forward to future collaborations.