Addressing worker exploitation in New Zealand

Worker exploitation in supply chain

The New Zealand government showed renewed commitment to modern slavery today by announcing that NZD 50 million will be allocated over four years to address migrant exploitation.  A special visa category for exploited persons and easier ways for victims to report exploitation is a good start.  See some of the commitments below:

1) Creating a new visa that will support migrants to leave exploitative situations without negatively affecting their immigration status.

2) Setting up a new dedicated free phone number, online reporting and better triaging to make it easier to report migrant worker exploitation.

3) Higher standards required from franchises, labour hire companies and similar businesses where migrant exploitation often occurs.

4) Disqualifying people convicted of migrant exploitation and people trafficking from managing or directing a company.

5) Preventing exploitative employers from accessing migrant labour in the future by expanding the existing employer stand down.

6) Establishing new immigration and employment infringement offences targeting non-compliant employer behaviour.

7) Notifying impacted migrant workers that their employer has been stood down.

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